Founded in 2009, Shenzhen JCN SOLAR is a reliable high-quality energy source for small-scale solar applications and off-grid lighting systems. The company takes "solar terminal application" as its product positioning. It has invested and built new factories in Shenzhen and Jiangxi with an area of more than 70,000 square meters. The company has a group of high-quality research and development and management teams to provide sustainable development for the company. Strong Support.

New Energy, Creating New Life, and Developing Green New Energy" have become the main theme of the new era. Solar new energy is one of the most promising green energy sources with its rich resources, clean and green chracteristics. JCN can adapt to the developing needs of the times, open up the global market, and strive to make solar energy. Let an inexhaustible and ubiquitous green renewable energy source, enter thousands of households!

High efficiency solar cell

The use of high efficiency imported cells ensures reliable and stable output power of the components.

Aluminum frame

Aluminum alloy frame, wear-resistant one-time die-casting, effectively resists moisture and salt spray corrosion.

High light transmission tempered glass layer

It absorbs solar heat and has good weather resistance, wind and tamper resistance.

Laminated back plate

Anti-aging, light weight, waterproof and good sealing.

Waterproof junction box

Sealed and waterproof multi-function junction box, suitable for long-term outdoor use, ensuring long service life of components

Our production line

Machine automation welding

Flexibility to automate production lines, effectively increase productivity, quality and efficiency, and ensure high quality solar cells

High standard production line test

We have high standard production line testing, support for small series of solar panel components and a large number of applications

Precise automated cutting

From the cutting of the cell to the lamination, high quality EVA is used to ensure a longer life after lamination