Designed for Mini micro-customized design, we can customize the frame, size, power, etc. according to customer needs, high conversion rate solar panel


Designed to provide reliable energy for home solar systems, using high quality, high standard materials

High efficiency germany imported solar cells

High performance unique and unique mold design

A variety of specifications (professional non-standard custom)

The Off-Grid Solar Module Company

JCN Solar is a professional home use solar panel application manufacturer with R&D and production team with more than 15 years of industry experience. The company has a complete and fully automated production line equipment, which can flexibly balance the production of small batch and high volume application solar modules.

The outer layer laminated is made of high transparent tempered glass, which has high gloss and anti-ultraviolet aging function.

Tempered glass can withstand impact, has high surface transmittance, anti-icing, anti-strike function, and good light transmission.

Use aluminum alloy frame, anti-aging and waterproof imported back plate.










Light and thin portable

The solar cells imported from the US SunPower are resistant to salt spray, thin and light. Easy to install, especially suitable for outdoor use. Such as motorhomes, caravans, camping, yachts, etc.


Made of flexible material, anti-extrusion, light and thin, soft and bendable 30° without damage, perfect fit with the roof and the roof.

Waterproof, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance

Strong weather resistance, strong chemical resistance and strong corrosion resistance. Long service life, good ductility, high tensile strength and not easy to tear.